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鈥溾榊es, I tell you,鈥 the king replied; 鈥榖ut I must have his writing-case.鈥 For he had already informed himself that it was in the queen鈥檚 possession..
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Frederick still sought recreation in writing verses which he called poetry. To D鈥橝rgens he wrote, 鈥淚 have made a prodigious quantity of verses. If I live I will show them to you. If I perish they are bequeathed to you, and I have ordered that they be put into your hand.鈥?
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a. Prussian Camp. b b. Prussian Infantry. c c. Prussian Cavalry. d. Position of Buddenbrock. e e. Austrian Infantry. f f. Austrian Cavalry. g. Austrian Hussars.!
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鈥淪he made me a courtesy on the model of that of Agnes in the Ecole des Femmes. I took her back to the queen鈥檚 apartment, little edified by such a display of talent.鈥
鈥淚t was a beautiful sight,鈥 writes Tempelhof. 鈥淭he heads of the columns were constantly on the same level, and at the distance necessary for forming. All flowed on exact as if in a review. And you could read in the eyes of our brave troops the temper they were in.鈥
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